The Only Garage In Cornwall With 0% To Landfill

Dukes AutoTech in St Austell work closely with Slicker Recycling to ensure that none of the waste we produce as a business, from teabags to spark plugs, goes to landfill.

We are the only garage in Cornwall who work to protect the environment in this way and we proudly hold a Certificate of Responsible Waste Management.

The work we do is, by its very nature, wasteful. We replace car components and lubricants; we use disposable items to keep customer’s cars clean, and then there’s all the standard waste that any business produces day in, day out, such as toner cartridges, paper etc.

Here are few examples of how the waste Dukes AutoTech produces in a day are recycled:

  • Tyres have the metal cords removed and are then chipped down and made into the rubber substance used to surface children’s playgrounds
  • Oily rags are shredded and turned into insulation for housing
  • Used disposable gloves are returned to GlaxoSmithKline and made into new ones
  • All our ink cartridges are refilled and reused
  • We even have a wormery which takes our used teabags and salad scraps!

This initiative isn’t cheap to implement, but we all need to do our bit. Dukes AutoTech is situated in one of the most picturesque parts of the United Kingdom and we all need to do what we can to preserve it. We are proud of our Certificate of Responsible Waste Management and it is displayed in our reception area. Please ask any of our staff for more information if you are interested – we love talking about it!

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